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Shandong Fuerman New Materials Group Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 50 million yuan. Its R&D office is located at the foot of Fulai Mountain Scenic Area in Ju County, the largest ginkgo tree in the world. Its main production base is located in Rizhao Haiyou Economic Development Zone. The company is a A professional group company focusing on polymer materials and concrete and mortar products. Its main business is the research and development, production and sales of concrete waterproofing agents, mortar plastic retainers, waterproof coatings and other products. "Technology creates value" is the core business philosophy of the company. The company's long-term vision of developing the company through science and technology, leading product technology, the concept of continuous innovation, integrity and responsible

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  • Fuerman appears at the Jinan Chemical Industry Expo, leading the industry trend with new chemical bu

    On April 9th, the 3rd China (Jinan) International Chemical Industry Expo opened grandly at the Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this expo is Gathering Emerging Industry Chains and Cultivating New Quality Productivity, attracting chemical industry elites and experts from all over the country to gather together to discuss new trends, technologies, and opportunities in industry development.As a company dedicated to the research and development and production of

  • Fuerman won the Science and Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise Award, leading the indust

    On March 28th, the county held a grand mobilization conference for green, low-carbon, and high-quality development and the Project Breakthrough Year. Fuerman has been awarded the title of Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise due to its strong technological innovation capabilities and firm commitment to green development. This honor is not only a recognition of the company's technological innovation, but also an expectation and encouragement for its future development.As a leading b

  • How to eliminate the causes of concrete bubbles?

    The causes of bubble formation1. The unreasonable proportion of concrete results in high viscosity and difficult discharge of bubbles due to the use of many cementitious materials. Adding fly ash or mineral powder can be used to solve this problem or increase the water consumption.2. The problem with cement itself is that grinding aids are added to cement during grinding, and some grinding aids have many bubbles.3. The concrete vibration is uneven and the vibration time is not enough. During the

  • Take you to quickly understand the precautions for concrete spring construction!

    Introduction:In spring, there is a large temperature difference between day and night, with variable temperatures and dry weather. Strong winds and high temperatures promote increased water loss and plastic shrinkage of fresh concrete. Based on the characteristics of spring construction, corresponding technical measures should be taken to ensure the quality of concrete. The construction unit should do the following:1. Vibration methodDuring the construction process, the concrete should be thorou

  • Fuerman Structure Self Waterproof, Quality Protection Accompanying You

    In the field of underground engineering, waterproofing has always been a top priority in construction. Due to its unique geographical location and complex construction environment, underground spaces have extremely high requirements for waterproofing performance.Fuerman concrete structures are self waterproof, perfectly integrating waterproofing with building structures. They not only effectively prevent water infiltration, but also ensure the stability and safety of the building structure. Make

  • What are the hazards of not compacting concrete? What needs to be done?

    Compaction requirements for concreteLayering during concrete pouring process. Appropriate changes can be made based on the weather conditions at that time, generally not exceeding 30cm.When using an immersion vibrator to vibrate concrete, the movement distance should not exceed 3.75 times its vibration radius, that is, the movement distance of 75 vibrators should not exceed 3.75 times x 7.5=28cm, and the movement distance of 50 vibrators should not exceed 3.75 times x 5.0=18cm; When vibrating co

  • Every little year in the world, everything we ask for is as we wish

    Farewell to Mu'er, with fireworks every yearWinter is coming to an end, spring can be expectedThe prelude to the Chinese New Year and the return journey of thousands of miles for reunion during the Chinese New YearEvery little year in the world, everything we ask for is as we wishXiaonian has arrived, and the spring flavor is gradually becoming strongerLet's embrace the arrival of the new year togetherIn the new year, start a new chapter and embark on a new journeyMay your heart be direc

  • Furman's structural self-waterproofing is in line with national and market demand orientations and w

    Introduction2023 On December 27, 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission issued Order No. 7, announcing the Guidance Catalog for Industrial Structural Adjustment (2024 Edition), which will be implemented from February 1, 2024. The Guidance Catalog for Industrial Structural Adjustment (2019 Edition) will be abolished at the same time.According to reports, the Guidance Catalog for Industrial Structural Adjustment (2024 Edition) consists of three categories: encouragement, restriction

  • The hazards and preventive measures of bleeding

    Flooding refers to the phenomenon of floating slurry caused by bleeding during the period from pouring to the beginning of setting of the pouring material. Bleeding refers to the phenomenon where solid particles sink, water rises, and the castable undergoes settlement and contraction, leading to the precipitation of water on the surface. Float refers to the soft layer material that floats on the surface of the casting material caused by cement bleeding.What is the effect of bleeding?A small amou

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